An opening exercise to help clarifing a subject and find new perspectives on it

Aim of the exercise

  • There can come new acknowledgement and inspiration under time pressure
  • It enhances participation and reflection
  • The participants can join when they feel ready

Put the exercise guidelines in your dialogue toolbox for futher instructions – it´s for free!



The facilitator introduces a topic or theme which is relevant for a quick pop-corn brainstorm. This gives everyone time to say something very briefly about the chosen subject, without being cut off.

When one person has finished speaking, another person who feels ready takes over and speaks(pop-corn)

Depending on the situation, the facilitator can decide whether everyone should say something or leave it up to the individual. If left to the individual to decide, the facilitator should make sure to end the brainstorming by asking if everyone has said what they wanted, without creating pressure for those who don’t want to.

When the time is up, you can end the exercise by taking a round where everyone has the opportunity to comment on something the other participants have said. This part is managed by the facilitator.

Developed by:

IKON ‘The dialogue pilot – a handbook in dialogue’

Additional information

Age range

, , ,

Group constellation

, , ,


, ,

Number of participants

5-10 participants, 10-15 participants


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