I tolerate you

Discrimination, tolerance, coexistence

Aim of the exercise

  • The aim of this exercise is to provide participants with experience of what tolerance means.
  • All participants should try to tolerate and even be tolerated, then use these experiences as a starting point for discussions about tolerance and power.

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Divide the participants into pairs, a person A and a person B, and have them walk around the room. A will now comment on something that is visible on B without ascribing it value.

A will therefore not comment on someone’s pretty shirt, fabulous hair or stylish shoes but rather just express certain exterior details. A then assures B that A tolerates and accepts this. For example: “I see that you have a brown sweater on and I tolerate that” or “I see you have a skirt on, and that is okay” or “It does not matter that you have a piece of jewelry on you today”.
Then ask participants to switch roles so that everyone gets to try both to tolerate and be tolerated.

Developed by:

Kirkelig dialogsenter – www.kirkeligdialogsenter.no
Adapted by Duygu Cakir

Additional information

Age range

, , , , ,

Group constellation

Number of participants

5-10 participants, 10-15 participants, 20-30 participants



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