The Delfi exercise

Highlighting the most important findings and learning points.

Aim of the exercise

  • The Delfi exercise is often used as a closing or midway evaluation when finishing any kind of workshop or seminar.
  • It gives the participants time to give feedback/evaluate the workshop/process they have been through and, to some extent, it also gives an understanding of the participants in relation to the group as a whole.
  • The exercise is easy to implement and an alternative way to encourage the participants to actively engage in the evaluation exercise.
  • The participants choose the subjects that are important to evaluate and this gives each participant the opportunity to express themselves.

Put the exercise guidelines in your dialogue toolbox for futher instructions – it´s for free!



The participants need to sit in a circle around a table – and each participant should have a pen and paper

The 1st phase of the evaluation will take 15-30 minutes, depending on how much time you give the participants.

Each participant has a blank sheet of paper on which he/she draws two columns. The left column is for statements written by the participant. The right column is left blank to begin with.

Each participant writes down a list of statements in the left column one under the other. The statements should include their experience, evaluation of and opinion of the workshop or seminar they have attended. This could be something like:

“The lecture by……was very useful and something I can use in my work.”

“I enjoyed being in a diverse group.”

“I have gained new perspectives of myself and the role I can play in interfaith relationships.”

Ask the participants to be concrete.

The 2nd phase of the evaluation will take 10-15 minutes, depending on the number of participants.

After the participants have completed their statements, the next part of the exercise begins. Make sure that all the participants have finished their statements before starting the next phase. Each participant should give the paper to the person sitting next to them (clockwise). They now have 1 minute to read and mark with a tick in the right column if the statements also cover their own experience. If they agree with the statement, they should tick the “agree” column next to the statement. If they disagree,, they should leave it unmarked.

The facilitator then counts down the seconds to the one minute, and the participants then pass the papers on. The papers can circulate for 10-15 minutes, depending on how much time the facilitator has available. The facilitator marks the time for every one minute that passes. It is not necessary to send the papers around the whole circle.

The idea with passing the papers quickly (one minute) is to get the participants’ intuitive experiences of the course/workshop.

From the book:

‘Anerkendende procesøvelser – vejen til engagement og forankring’

Additional information

Age range

, ,

Group constellation

, , ,

Number of participants

20-30 participants



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