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Welcome to our marketplace for well-organized dialogue workshops – almost pre-packaged for you.  

You have come to the right place:  

  • If it’s your first time facilitating  
  • If you are an experienced facilitator, but don’t have the time to prepare a full workshop with a good warm up, main exercises, breaks and all.  
  • If you feel insecure how few or many exercises you should put together.  

The workshops here are almost pre-packaged. You only need to make a few choices before you are ready to print your workshop papers and go meet up with your group of dialogue workshop participants.    

The first choice you should make is whether you want exercises for:     

  • half-day or an all-day workshop 

The second choice is:  

  • Are you facilitating inter-cultural or inter-faith meetings? 

Now choose between the four options below 

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