Being a facilitator

Being a facilitator of dialogue is rather like being a good host.  

Both as a host and as a facilitator, you are the one who ensures a safe space. You are the one responsible for good conservations and the wellbeing of everyone. But, as a host, you will often have the advantage of knowing your guests. And your guest may also have met before.   

As a facilitator, the setting is quite different.  

The group gathered around you will often not know either you or each other. Being a teacher, an imam or NGO leader you clearly possess great people skills. But facilitating dialogue takes more than that. It takes good preparation and knowhow:  

Listen and learn from our experienced dialogue facilitator,  Agnete Holm, in the video below.


  • Ensure a safe space: make sure that everyone feels comfortable.

  • Sense the individual: no one should be overheard.

  • The participants are the centre of attention – not you as a facilitator.

Why interreligious dialogue needs facilitation

Medine Duvarci on facilitating a dialogue process

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