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In school, we learn to analyse, criticise and discuss. But the idea of creating a dialogue toolbox is to teach us something more than that, something the world seems to be lacking. And that is the ability to listen and to sense the other.  

Dialogue, to Danmission, is more than just proper communication. Dialogue, to us, as a Christian organization, is a way of life – and it comes to determine how we look on human beings. We see people – regardless of religious, social or cultural background – as valuable, worthy of attention and worth building loving relationships with.  

You could say that this Dialogue Toolbox is precisely the result of a loving relationship. Without our partners around the world where dialogue has been taking place for decades, there would not have been any tools to put in the box.   

Dialogue projects
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How we work?

  • We cooperate with partners in Scandinavia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East – and have a long history of gathering people across religious beliefs and cultural affiliations.

  • We practice dialogue to achieve mutual understanding, solve conflicts or avoid the conflicts from even arise.

  • We do dialogue workshops in educational institutions, among civil society activist and in the religious sphere. We therefore meet people on many levels – from young people studying theology to high profiled religious leaders in for example the large-scale project Syrian Leaders.

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